Must Have Features of Check-in Apps

The event check-in app is all the craze today for event organisers who are acquainted to the merits of corporate event management solutions. The check-in app basically makes the check-in process efficient and significantly faster. In fact, the use of this app can hasten the entry of confirmed guests in as fast as a second! This significantly cuts down traffic in big events leading to more happy attendees and less stressed event organisers.

Below you can find three must-have features of event check-in apps if you are interested in this type of technology:

1.) Guest list management

Perhaps the most powerful feature of the check-in app is your ability to manage different guest lists. Remember when you had to print our guest lists in the past and distribute them to your staff members? Those days are gone since your team can practically download the app in multiple mobile devices. As long as all of you are connected to the internet, any check-in and updates processed through the app will be uploaded to the cloud. This means that all your team members will be enjoying updated guest lists all the time.

2.) QR Code Reader

A techy advantage of using a check-in app alongside an event booking software is that registered guests’ tickets can now be read straight from any mobile device. There’s no more need for you to invest in additional hardware to read bar or QR codes when you can simply use the camera on your mobile phone or tablet. By simply hovering the camera on top of the code, you can confirm the validity of purchased tickets in a matter of seconds. Successful readings will automatically log the attendance of the ticket owner. See a list of onsite registration apps here.

3.) VIP Notifications

Last but not the least, a reliable check-in app – much like a powerful event planning software – can help you give preferential treatment to your VIP guests. Once the app reads the ticket of a VIP guest, your entire team can be notified through push notifications that someone important has arrived. This will give your ushers ample time to lead your esteemed guests to their designated seats. For professional and business conferences, you would want to let VIP guests feel honoured – especially when it was you who invited them in the first place. These VIP notifications will go a long way for event organisers who are prone to hosting VIP guests in their events.

To find out more about this type of technology, read about the event checkin app.